Pullmantur commits to entertainment for teenagers


Pullmantur has presented The Factory, a new entertainment program for teenagers. Aimed at young people between 12 and 17 years old, it combines a real and virtual space, giving participants the freedom and control to decide what they want to do at each moment of their cruise days. And, in The Factory, the fun and the rules are created by them.

Thus, teenagers are at all times the protagonists and they have at their disposal a variety of leisure tools and activities designed to suit them both individually and collectively. They also have the help of the Coworkers, specialized animators with whom they can plan how their days will be on board.

As explained by the President & CEO of Pullmantur Cruises, Richard J. Vogel, “we are immersed in a process of adapting our entertainment programs taking even more into account passenger preferences and current trends.”

In this sense, the way of entertaining teenagers – who are increasingly demanding and have more clear what they want – “is also evolving and we had to adapt our offer to their tastes and expectations.” For this, “we have opted for this innovative program that gives them great freedom – an aspect highly valued by young people – and with which we are sure that we will contribute to making their experience on board memorable,” Vogel concludes.

The activities: a virtual and real space

Young people are connected to each other and their Coworkers through mobile applications from where they choose the activities of the day or the theme of the next party. Through these they also receive instructions on each encounter – such as place or time.

In addition, they participate in a group competition whose prize is to be honored at the closing party. The winning team is the one that manages to add a greater number of points during the different tests.

These teams also face – through their smartphones – virtual competitions of an individual nature that make them very attentive to the trip: they have to answer questions related to the next scale or the ship they are sailing on.

They also have their own space on board – inspired by the factory concept and with an industrial style – where they can build their own fun together. Specifically, on the Sovereign, Zenith and Monarch ships, this space is divided into different co-creation zones:

Sports area: to play football, ping-pong or darts.

Playground: where to hang out with the game console or use virtual reality glasses.
Art zone: the best place to show your creativity with graffiti.
Music area: perfect for playing an instrument, singing in the Karaoke or becoming a fashionable DJ for a moment.