Royal Caribbean announces official certification for Latin American travel agents


For the first time in Latin America, Royal Caribbean International will grant an official certification to travel agents for being brand experts.

As part of the SOYAGENTEROYAL campaign, which was announced earlier this year and has had great results, today it presents #SOYAGENTEROYAL UNIVERSITY which aims to provide a complete evaluation to certify travel agents, who have the greater experience and knowledge of the brand in 18 Latin American countries.

“We created I am an Agent Royal University, to recognize and make official travel agents who have been acquiring knowledge through webinars and Royal Talks held since last year. The time has come to challenge their knowledge and, above all, to recognize the effort to learn more about our brand, so that travel agents can position themselves as experts with their clients ”, said Alberto Muñoz, Vice President of Royal Caribbean for Latin America and the Caribbean .

Travel agents have all the tools and training on the page, , where they can reinforce all the knowledge to obtain said certification.

“It fills me with excitement to be able to launch the certification, and I also thank all the travel agents for their commitment, dedication and assistance at all the events last year. Now, for those who want to get certified, they have the option to do so and I will be there to guide them ”mentioned Gina Jiménez, Lead Commercial Sales Development of Royal Caribbean for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The certification is an online knowledge test and upon having a satisfactory result they will be awarded a personalized diploma, which will be delivered to each travel agent and will be recognized by the Vice Presidency of Royal Caribbean Latin America as “Royal Caribbean Expert”.

In addition to the certification, the accredited will be on the guest list for exclusive events throughout the year. All travel agents, wholesale operators, retailers and Travel Partners in Latin American countries may apply.

The first date for the certification will be next June 15, 2021 in two times for the convenience of the entire audience. More dates will be announced for August and October.

Now the agents of the #SOYAGENTEROYAL community can be one of the first agents certified as an expert in the brand.