Seaworld Orlando is now certified autism center


In the week of World Autism Awareness Day, SeaWorld Orlando announced that it has been designated as an Autism Center certified by the International Board of Continuing Education Standards and Credentials (IBCCES). SeaWorld Orlando joins Aquatica Orlando and Discovery Cove to become the first family of parks, in the main destination of theme parks in the world, to be certified with such distinction.

“We are incredibly proud to be the first family of Orlando theme parks to obtain these certifications,” said Mark Pauls, president of SeaWorld Orlando Park. “We want to create lasting memories for all of our visitors.” As families begin to plan their summer trips, the resources and tools offered by our parks can now provide peace of mind for families with members who have autism and other special needs. and staff are now trained to offer all families inclusive activities, helping to ensure meaningful experiences for all. ”

Earlier this year, Aquatica Orlando became the first aquatic park in the world to be recognized as a certified autism center, and Discovery Cove in Orlando became the first all-inclusive daytime resort and animal park in the US . UU with the same distinction. These certifications followed in the footsteps of sister park Sesame Place, the first theme park in the world to achieve this accreditation in April 2018.

The International Board of Continuing Education Standards and Credentials (IBCCES) worked with SeaWorld Orlando to finalize a training on awareness and awareness of autism for all staff, as well as a review of the park and the experience of visitors, officially designating SeaWorld Orlando as a Certified Autism Center (CAC).

“SeaWorld Orlando creates fun and educational experiences meant to be enjoyed equally by all. We believe that the training and the specific sensory guides of the park provide useful information to ensure that our visitors are provided with all the necessary advice to prepare, be aware and enjoy their time in our parks, “continued Pauls.

As Certified Autism Centers, parks are required to provide ongoing training to ensure that team members have the knowledge, skills, temperament and experience necessary to interact with all families and children with special needs, specifically on the spectrum of autism. The training is carried out in the areas of sensory awareness, environment, communication, motor and social skills, program development and emotional awareness, as well as a complete examination of competence in autism. Autism training must be taken every two years to maintain certification.

In addition, solid planning resources have been added prior to visiting the SeaWorld Orlando website, including a park-specific sensory guide, developed by IBCCES. This sensory guide makes it easier for parents to plan activities that meet the specific needs and adaptations of their children, by providing information about how a child with sensory processing problems can see their senses affected by each attraction, including highlighting the areas They are more reassuring.

SeaWorld Orlando recently opened Sesame Street, an interactive and surrounding land, with more than 2 Hectares, which offers all the fun and learning of Sesame Street. The land features the iconic Sesame Street neighborhood, which includes the Abby Cadabby Garden, Big Bird’s Nest, Mr. Hooper’s Store and the famous 123 Stoop, as well as Sesame Street’s favorite friends and the park’s first daily parade .

Here you can find one of the quiet spaces designated by SeaWorld Orlando, with adjustable lighting and a comfortable seating area so that visitors who so wish can rest from the sensory overload often found in theme parks. Another quiet space is facing the park, and both can be easily found on the park map.