Sensitization in Tourism Culture, a priority for Panama


The National Tourism Culture Program has been and will continue to be one of the priorities of the Tourism Quality and Culture Department of the Tourism Authority of Panama. Between July and December 2019, 2,360 participants benefited, ranging from preschool students to contact personnel of various entities that directly or indirectly are related to the country’s tourist activity.

The objective is to sensitize and raise awareness among the general population about the tourist culture, which refers to those knowledge and values ​​that, when being put into practice by the hosts of a destination, favor the promotion and growth of the so-called chimneyless industry . The workshops explain the importance of kindness, hospitality and quality of service.

The seminars have been given nationwide, to collaborators in each of the regional centers of the ATP; as well as personnel of the National Migration Service, Customs, National Police, Tourism Police, SENAFRONT, SENAN, SPI, among others; The most recent workshops have been carried out at Tocumen International Airport with the support and including the staff of Tocumen, S.A.

Among the topics addressed are the concepts of tourism, tourists, and the role that each person must play to contribute towards tourism culture, whose objective is to meet the goals aimed at increasing the mobilization of visitors within the country and attract to international tourists; This creates jobs and positively impacts everyone’s economy.

By 2020 the goal is the continuity of the National Tourism Culture Program, focused on priority destinations according to the Tourism Master Plan; In addition, the scope of the Department of Tourism Culture will be enhanced through alliances with public and private entities in the country, and thus together, from the tourism industry, improve the quality of life of all Panamanians.