Single tourism, an expanding segment


Traveling is undoubtedly one of the most enriching activities that a human being can experience, and not only speaking at a cultural level where you can meet and be part of the customs and traditions of the destination you visit; if not also emotionally, since when traveling our mind expands towards new horizons, expanding the perception we have of the world in general, of ourselves and of our scope.

usually the trips are enjoyed in the company of family, friends and of course as a couple; However, during the last decade, the idea of ​​traveling alone has arisen in the minds of regular travelers. Millions of people in the world have asked themselves the question of why not only me? Derived from that question has emerged the tendency of single tourism, which has nothing to do with a person’s marital status but rather with the way in which they travel, which is totally alone.

The idea of ​​undertaking a journey in solitude is a fact that frightens many, since everything new and unexplored generates fear in a certain way, however those who have done so have been able to confirm that there is no more wonderful experience than being able to travel. with a suitcase as the only company.

Spa, shopping and beach, traveling without the couple is a growing trend. It came hand in hand with shopping to convenient destinations like Miami and today has already expanded to the experiences of a longer and more luxurious stay. Mainly it is occurring in women who leave the children and the husband for a while, it is a time of rest from all obligations. They, on the other hand, go with their friends to ski, to fish, to watch international tennis, rugby or soccer tournaments.

The number of companies aimed at solo travelers grows every year, and according to the latest figures the number of couples traveling separately has increased by 500% in recent years. It is estimated that three out of ten people traveling alone have a partner. However, they opt for this modality because their holiday period does not coincide with that of their partner, among other reasons.

These are “very traveler” people, with ages between 35 and 60 years, who tend to choose destinations and unconventional or expensive plans. On average, tourist spending ‘single’ reaches $ 1,500 per trip and the duration is around ten days.

According to experts, separate holidays are due to many reasons such as the routine that prevents frequenting friends, the need to reconnect with oneself, the fact that a few days without seeing can increase the strangeness, practice a hobby or sport that is not shared with the average orange or simply that the vacations of one’s work do not coincide with those of the other. When there is a couple crisis, a little air is also good to cool the head, clarify the situation and evaluate the progress of the relationship. Although it sounds paradoxical, it is often the distance that brings us closer to the decision to end or move on.