SITA participates in the 31st Annual IAWA Conference


The event organized by the International Association of Women in Aviation takes place in Lima. There, the latest industry challenges are analyzed, covering topics related to aviation and security operations, infrastructure, production and customer experience

The vice president of operations of SITA for America, Cintia Scafutto, participates in the framework of the 31st Annual Conference of IAWA (International Association of Women in Aviation), being the most important women’s conference worldwide. Therefore, Cintia tells us about the challenges facing global aviation infrastructure, with a particular focus on Latin America, including the emergence of new technologies in the field.

“At SITA, we work with best practices to maintain operational excellence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with a team close to 2,000 employees prepared to address any incident or unforeseeable factor. Every new situation we face always represents a great inspiration in the improvement of our services and in our fight for excellence in all the areas where we work, ”says Cintia.

The IAWA Annual Conference is held in Lima, Peru, from October 16 to 18. Throughout the event, the latest industry challenges will be analyzed, covering topics related to aviation and security operations, infrastructure, production, customer experience, MRO (maintenance, repair and operating materials), general aviation, aerospace, finance , insurance and civil responsibility, as well as interactive sessions of leadership development for women.

During this event, Cintia Scafutto is part of the Global Infrastructure Challenges panel, on Thursday, October 17 at 09:30 am local time. In many regions of the world, it is difficult to expand aviation infrastructure, whether through the construction of new airports, additional runways or infrastructure in existing airport terminals. Noise and emission restrictions seem to increasingly limit the growth of the industry; So this panel will address these infrastructure challenges globally, but with a focus on Latin America, including the impact that recent global climate discussions are having regionally, in addition to the emergence of new technologies.