SKY will end the year with 65% of its renewed aircraft fleet


The CEO of SKY, Holger Paulmann, announced that the company will close 2019 with 65% of its fleet composed of A320 NEO aircraft, which stand out for including new generation engines and sharklets in their wings; together they save 15% fuel, being the most environmentally friendly aircraft in the region.

The new airplanes have a cabin configured for 186 seats, which represents 21% more capacity than the previous models, which translates into a 20% reduction in the value of the tickets.

The Chilean airline will end the current year with 26 aircraft operating, of which 17 will be A320 NEO, as a previous step to replace all of its fleet with these new aircraft, which includes a total investment of US $ 1.5 billion.

“What is being demanded of us today as an industry is responsibility and real commitments with the environment and people, and for this reason, we are working hard, with great conviction to become the first airline in America with a 100% A320 NEO fleet . This will allow us to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, NOx by 50%, and reduce noise pollution by 50%, all numbers much higher than those of any other operator on the continent, ”said Paulmann.

The CEO of SKY also stressed that the company is working to make more and more accessible to all, the possibility of flying through more sustainable operations that generate the least possible impact on the environment.