Solution business boosted Amadeus growth in 2018


Amadeus IT Group S.A recorded an adjusted profit [2] of 1,122.8 million euros in 2018, with a growth of 1.0% 1 compared to 2017 (or 6% if we exclude the extraordinary tax adjustments of 2017).

During 2018, the financial performance of Amadeus was affected by the fluctuation of the dollar / euro exchange rate compared to 2017, which negatively affected both revenues and EBITDA. Excluding this effect and the impact1 of IFRS 16 on EBITDA, both revenues and EBITDA registered high single-digit growth rates1 during 2018.

Luis Maroto, CEO of Amadeus, said “In 2018, Amadeus maintained its positive growth trajectory both in terms of revenue and profitability, our diversification efforts, including the expansion of our hotel offer through the acquisition of TravelClick, They also boosted our growth and we have made great progress from the operational point of view: we maintain a constant flow of new customers and implementations in the airline technology segment, and we have continued to expand the content offer for our clients with the signing of 50 new contracts or renewals of distribution agreements in 2018. We are confident of having a solid financial evolution in 2019. We will continue to invest in our technology to support our long-term success.