Supplements for joint pain: don’t believe the hype


If you experience joint pain when you walk or move, promises for a quick and inexpensive cure can be hard to resist. But don’t believe the hype. And don’t assume the people you see in the ads are real.

Unlike drugs, joint pain supplements are not evaluated or reviewed by FDA for safety and effectiveness, and supplements claiming to reduce pain and rebuild cartilage might not be proven to work.

Today the FTC announced a settlement against the makers of Synovia, a purported joint pain relief product, for false advertising claims.

The company claims Synovia is “clinically proven” to rebuild damaged cartilage, reduce arthritis pain by 95%, and provide the same joint pain relief as an injected medication. But the FTC says the company doesn’t have scientific support for these claims.

Don’t let false claims cheat you out of your money or your health. Check out this video about questions you can ask when considering any supplement.