TCG Advisors Launches FinPath, A New Workplace Financial Wellness Benefit


AUSTIN, Texas– TCG Advisors is proud to announce the launch of FinPath, a new workplace financial wellness program designed to empower users to approach their finances with knowledge and confidence. The national wealth gap continues to grow, and its impact on past and future generations isn’t something to be ignored.

Statistics indicate that communities and employees rarely have access to affordable financial tools, negatively impacting employee health, productivity, and turnover. Whether a single parent, a young professional, an empty-nester, or a student, our mission is to give power and equal opportunity to everyone seeking financial wellness.

The FinPath platform analyzes each user’s financial profile to determine a unique Wellness Score and provides personalized recommendations on improving it. Interactive learning modules educate users on topics like budgeting, buying a home, managing debt, saving for retirement, and more. A powerful Planning Toolkit allows users to aggregate their financial accounts under one dashboard to create better budgets. There’s even a portal just for retirement and pension accounts.

What really sets FinPath apart from other programs is the unique access to personal Wellness Coaches and Certified Financial Planners who are available to answer specific questions and give unbiased professional financial advice. In addition to having one-on-one meetings, our Wellness Coaches also teach online classes on personal finance topics relevant to everyday Americans.

“Our mission with FinPath is to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to learn how to manage their hard-earned money,” says John Pesce, CEO of TCG Advisors. “No one should have to struggle to have access to the knowledge they need to live a healthy, financially-secure life.”

Participants don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck if they engage and learn with FinPath. Employers can’t overlook the importance of valuing financial wellness as part of a cohesive benefits package. It’s never been easier to provide a lasting impact on the community and on employees’ lives. Just like health insurance empowers people to take care of themselves physically, FinPath promotes financial wellness and long-term financial security.

FinPath is now enrolling new clients and is available for direct procurement or through the ESC Region 10 RAMS and OMNIA Partners Public Sector (subsidiary National IPA) purchasing co-ops. You can request a demo by visiting, calling 512-600-5222, or emailing [email protected]

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