Technology, a key tool for reactivation


UNWTO received more than 1,000 requests in an initiative whose objective is to identify companies that provide disruptive solutions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19

UNWTO received more than 1,000 applications from more than 100 countries for the Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge, launched to identify new companies and the most disruptive solutions to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on tourism.

This challenge is a global call to reach the most disruptive startups, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and promote solutions to mitigate the impacts of Covid-19 in tourism through health, economic and destination management solutions. A step forward for sustainable development in a crisis situation.

We share the shortlisted semifinalists announced below:

Semi – Finalists Healing for People:
AirFi Health Declaration – (Singapore)
CleanScanLLC/Chameleon Welcome Back. You’re in Good Hands – (Canada)
CONTROL H&S Health and Safety cloud application – (Spain)
Life365 – (United States)
Mobiworld – (Spain)
OUTPOST Healthcare HealthyDestinations – (Canada)
PassCare by InnovHealth Group – (France)
SeeTrue Screening ltd. – (Israel)
Smart Occupancy – (Spain)
Smart Tour   –  project: Smart Tracking – (Brazil)

Healing for Prosperity – Semifinalists:
20 Bananas  (Spain)
Homiefoo  (Mexico)
Hoomvip & Hotelvip   (Spain)
Hotel Data Cloud  (Germany)
Hotelmize (Spain)
MyStay  (Czech Republic)
Questo (Romania)
STAYmyway  (Spain)
WAAM – company, WAAM Gate Med v 1.0 (Poland)

Semi – Finalists Healing for Destinations:
Health Security Global  (Australia)
JumpStart EU Tourism  (Germany)
Destination: Forward  (United States)
iBonus COVID19 Digital Prevention System (Hong Kong, China)
Beautiful Destinations, Inc. (United States)
Travello – Travel Safe Project (Australia)
Sojern (United Kingdom)
Bespoke (United States)
Airside (United States)
Niantic Inc. – Pokémon GO City Spotlight Event Series (United States)

“I am deeply convinced that there is no other way to deal with global challenges than with global responses,” said António Guterres, UN Secretary General.