Technology and training, axes of ANATO’s work in 2019


No doubt 2019 was a year of several changes. Events such as the devaluation of the Colombian peso were presented and public order events took place in different cities of the country.

In spite of the previous ones, ANATO shows optimism regarding the general balance of the year, the achievements achieved as a guild and its future work. “The Travel Agencies and tourism in general, have shown their resistance to many crises and this is evidenced by the growth figures with which we expect to close 2019,” said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO.

According to the DANE, the nominal income of the Travel Agencies, between January and September 2019, presented an increase of 3.8%, contributing satisfactorily to the growth of tourism activity. In addition, according to the last quarterly survey of ANATO with a close to October, 83% of the Agencies stated that their income grew on average by 16%. It should be noted that, as airlines have stated, it is these that market more than 50% of their sales, indicating that they continue to be a channel of great importance and credibility for travelers.

ANATO projections, by the end of 2019, are positive, estimating that arrivals of foreign visitors reach 4.3 million, with a growth of between 2% and 3%; and a flow of Colombians abroad reaching 4.4 million, with a growth of 3%.

On the other hand, the Tourist Showcase of ANATO has been a scenario that year after year seeks to strengthen to give the opportunity to entrepreneurs in the industry to make strategic alliances that allow them to expand their portfolio of services, facing the traveler. “One of the facts that we have also been able to contribute with our event is the strengthening of the offer of routes and frequencies and the arrival of new airlines. Today we can talk about a growth in the number of national and international passengers mobilized, of 10% between January and October 2019, reaching a figure of 34 million passengers, ”said the union leader.

Throughout the year, the Association, in addition to continuing to consolidate its traditional training and training activities, such as the National Congress of Travel and Tourism Agencies, also opened the doors for the first time to the Receptive Tourism Meeting, a commitment to generate progress in the regions of the country and greater variety and innovation in the packages so that the Agencies are better promoters of tourism in the country. As well as the First Technology Challenge specialized in Travel Agencies, an initiative that managed to find more than 100 entrepreneurs with projects focused on reducing the gaps between the technological needs of the sector.

“With all this we wanted to expand the offer of services of our Associates, prepare them so that they know more about what the traveler demands today, how to offer it and in that way continue consolidating them as an important and professional marketing tool and contribution to growth and professionalization of the industry in the country. We will continue working to improve the quality, processes and added value that is offered to tourists, ”concluded Paula Cortés Calle.