Technology opens new horizons for corporate travel agencies


The managed travel industry has developed over the last decade. Corporate travel agencies used to be the central entity, connector and provider for all actors, from the final traveler and their companies, to large distribution channels for suppliers. However, new technologies, new business models and the evolution of consumer habits have changed this panorama. The way we travel has evolved from the search process to the travel experience itself and this includes the post-trip phase.

To adjust to this reality, travel agencies need a true global platform that is backed by a global partner who understands these complexities and who has the resources and technology to support them in each new market they intend to enter, and we believe that Amadeus is the best associate that can be chosen for that. As we have developed our technology and our staff, we have moved away from the traditional concept of GDS and are embarking on a day of growth for our clients.

How corporate travel agencies of the future or those who use corporate booking tools can obtain content from different sources

Amadeus is creating Live Travel Space in collaboration with customers and partners. This open, dynamic and connected space allows travel agencies to offer a fully integrated customer experience by accessing content from different sources. It is a revolutionary and consistent tool no matter where the booking is made or how travel agencies want to serve their customers: it can be through a self-booking tool, through a phone or a tablet, of your website , from an office or a chatbot, and this channel can change during the process.

It is an exceptional next-generation platform designed to free travel agencies from the difficulties of technology and give them the freedom, flexibility and power to concentrate on the growth of their business.

Understand the needs of corporate travelers
Travelers want absolute control of all their decisions regarding their trip. They want a complete travel experience: from the initial concept to the search and reservation, and they want personalization and the ability to control the final price depending on the services obtained.
Today’s consumers are always connected and expect to be served through social media. This applies to both leisure and business travelers: they want high-level customer service available 24 hours a day.
Corporate travel agencies should offer travelers the same service options as leisure travel agencies
New technologies, changing trends and new actors are the norm in our time. Technology is transferring more power to the consumer and key players in the industry.
As mentioned earlier, Amadeus Live Travel Space will bring together all types of travel content, including NDC, API, EDIFACT and aggregators. Through this integration, we equip sellers with what they need to support businesses and business travelers.

How technology is changing the behavior of today’s travelers
The expectations of corporate travelers take shape based on their leisure experiences (eg, content, ease of use and personalization). The integration of millennials into the labor force means that this group will soon be responsible for the majority of workers. Here are just some examples of technology and B2C players that have changed purchasing behaviors in recent years:

B2C giants that raise the expectations of users around the availability of information and convenience (ex .: Google Trips, Amazon’s Alexa)
Mobile penetration, now very high, allows new functions and uses (eg Apple Wallet)
The growing personalization allowed by Big Data and Analytics (eg: Spotify custom playlists)
Automation allows impeccable and faster experiences (ex: Amazon’s 1-Click).

What technological trends deserve our attention?
We are facing a moment of evolution, or rather revolution, of technology driving change. The rapid technological development and the current technological opportunities have been the facilitators that have opened the entire market of travel agencies and have given life to new situations.
In the future, by using virtual reality technology, we can virtually walk through the cabin of an aircraft and see if the seats have enough space or not. In the case of hotels, with the help of Virtual Reality systems, we will have the opportunity to “visit” a hotel before arriving and make a reservation or personalization decision of our room.

Artificial intelligence will be indispensable in the near future. When we speak of personalization, machine learning acquires a singular importance. We need a platform capable of remembering who we are and what we like. If agencies can determine this, they will start offering something that can immediately meet our expectations. Through an open, dynamic and connected Live Travel Space, Amadeus is an ideal partner towards a challenging environment in travel and tourism.