The FIT 2019 began yesterday in Buenos Aires


Before a crowded auditorium, the official opening of the 24th edition of FIT – International Tourism Fair of Latin America – was held at the Rural, exhibition fairground. The stage was attended by the president of FIT and FAEVYT, Gustavo Hani; the Secretary of Tourism the Nation, Gustavo Santos; Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires; Hernán Gómez, vice president of FIT and president of Aviabue; Aldo Elías, president of the Argentine Chamber of Tourism; José María Arrúa, president of the Federal Tourism Council; José Bereciartúa, Secretary General of the Argentine Confederation of Medium Enterprises and Fausto Fernández, Vice Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, guest country of FIT 2019.

Gustavo Hani said in his speech that “It is a pride to be the most important Tourism Fair in Latin America and one of the five most important in the world. In this edition we want to give the sector the possibility of making new and big business in FIT but, also , to all the public that accompanies us, the opportunity to buy their vacations at the Fair. For the first time in these 24 years, Argentine retail travel agencies will be able to market inside the Fair and from today until 12 October we launched our special edition of Travel Sale: FIT SALE “and added:” There is a topic that is a key part of the agenda of those who are dedicated to tourism: the problem of illegal sales. In that direction we launched the Laboratory of FAEVYT Networks with which since we have investigated more than 6,000 illegal profiles. I invite all sectors of the industry to unite against this scourge, illegality harms us all. ” He concluded that “tourism is the answer if we talk about opportunities, development, genuine employment. We have everything to keep growing. ”

For his part, the Secretary of National Tourism Gustavo Santos said that “We have opened up to the world, multiply the presence of Argentines by Argentina in these years and much of that growth is seen in FIT” and added “Where there is tourism, there is roots and Hope for the Argentine family. In our country, tourism is a factor in sustainable development. When the world thinks of nature, it has to think about Argentina. ”

In his speech, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta said “To give rise, in our City, to an event that brings together the best of world tourism fills us with pride. Both in the city of Buenos Aires, as well as across the country, tourism was consolidated as an engine of development, because it is full of potential, of opportunities ”.

Finally, Fausto Fernández, Vice Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, FIT guest country, said “For the Dominican Republic, tourism represents the cornerstone of our economy. In the last 3 years we have received more than 1,300,000 Argentines. ”

With a large schedule of activities until 9 pm, the Fair continues to offer all the color and warmth of national and international tourism with the possibility, for visitors, to buy their next vacation. Tomorrow it will open its doors again at 2pm. so that the public can continue to enjoy shows, music and all the activities offered by the stands of all the provinces of Argentina and more than 50 countries in the different regions of the world.

FIT will be open Saturday and Sunday to the general public from 2 pm to 9 pm. and Monday and Tuesday, October 7 and 8, exclusively for professionals. More information: