The National Tourism Convention of Panama holds an international business conference


Ernesto Orillac, president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Tourism of Panama, CAMTUR, announced today the realization of the Panama Travel Mart, a day of business conference between all the players in the tourism industry of Panama with the main buyers from the North , Central and South America, which will meet in Panama City from September 28 to October 1, 2021.

The National Tourism Convention will bring together all the member organizations of the Chamber, representing the private sector, and the public sector led by the Panama Tourism Authority, PROMTUR and other official entities.

“It is a very important moment for the main tourism operators to see first-hand and experience the world-class tourism product that we offer, with our own characteristics, such as our three tourist heritage: Green (nature), Blue (seas), Cultural, and of course the city, shopping and the Canal, which make our country an attractive destination throughout the year ”, said Mr. Orillac. Companies interested in participating in the business roundtables may register on the website .

Panama is an ideal and easily accessible destination for all travelers and has a multitude of tourist options, including beautiful landscapes, paradisiacal beaches and a diverse range of experiences to enjoy and relax. Panama is the center of an active cosmopolitan life and ancestral cultures; of modernity and tradition; it is home to countless species, mysterious jungles and sun-drenched beaches. In addition, it has a very pleasant climate during most of the year.

And taking into account that every day there are more people vaccinated and that tourism has gradually been reactivated worldwide, Panama is an excellent destination that offers visitors the beauty of its landscapes, its rich culture and endless activities tourism available to everyone. One of its main attractions is the Panama Canal, which is visited each year by more than a million people who come to witness this marvel of engineering. In Panama City you can enjoy excellent quality restaurants, an exciting nightlife and casinos. Tourists from all over the world visit it and discover a beautiful cosmopolitan city, with all the comforts expected from a business and tourism center.

Getting to Panama is very easy. It can be done in a direct flight or by very easy connections from the main cities of North, Central or South America. Tocumen International Airport is located 24 kilometers from the center of Panama City. It is one of the most important air terminals in Latin America by number of destinations. It operates flights to and from more than 70 cities in America, Asia and Europe, covering a large part of Latin America. It is also the main hub of operations for Copa Airlines. The second phase of the airport’s expansion included the construction of the “north pier” which has allowed the airport to increase its capacity by 50%, now allowing it to handle up to 7 million passengers per year.

At this time the borders of Panama are open for international travelers, and all security measures for the health of tourists and locals are maintained as a priority. Visitors from any country can visit Panama, however, a negative COVID-19 test is mandatory to enter the country. Unvaccinated travelers from or who have transited through South America, India, South Africa or the United Kingdom in the last 15 days will need to undergo an additional COVID-19 test upon arrival in Panama and remain in quarantine for 3 days. However, travelers from these countries who can present a complete vaccination schedule, equal to or greater than 14 days after the last dose, will be exonerated from quarantine.

The National Chamber of Tourism of Panama – CAMTUR, is made up of the main Tourism Associations of the country which are: ALAP (Association of Airlines in Panama), APOTUR (Panamanian Association of Tourism Operators), APAVIT (Panamanian Association of Travel Agencies). Travel and Tourism), ANAV (National Association of Vehicle Rental Companies), ARAP (Association of Restaurants and Related Companies of Panama), ASAJA (Association of Gaming Administrators), HOPPAN (Association of Small Hotels of Panama), AGTP (Association of Tourism Guides of Panama), ACOBIR (Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters), APACECOM (Panamanian Association of Shopping Centers), APPCE (Panamanian Association of Professionals in Congresses, Exhibitions and Related), REDTUR (National Network of Chambers Tourism),APTSO (Panamanian Sustainable Tourism Association), Chamber of Tourism of Pedasí, and Strategic Allies such as COPA, Discover Representaciones, Panama Marine Adventures, FOCUS, Panama Tourism Authority, Tocumen, SA and Mayor’s Office of Panama.