The pandemic management will be strategic for the future of a destination


When markets are reopened, tourists will choose the countries that have had the best management with the COVID-19 pandemic, making the Dominican Republic one of the favorite destinations.

This was expressed by the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier García, who highlighted the good management that the Dominican authorities have given to COVID-19, which can be statistically verified.

“Everything will depend, among other factors, on how we continue to handle the COVID-19 cases,” said the official, after assuring that the tourism sector is preparing for when operations resume.

Speaking in the first virtual conversation “Current situation and challenges of Dominican tourism”, organized by the Dominican Association of Tourist Press (ADOMPRETUR), García stated that he has not the slightest fear that the Dominican tourist centers will take off after the COVID health crisis -19.

He said that all the necessary measures are being taken so that “since there are other countries opening to the Dominican Republic, and from now on we can say that we are going to receive them without risk to avoid contagion.

Minister García indicated that intensive work is being done on the “rigorous” sanitary protocols that will be applied to receive tourists in hotels when operations are restarted.

He declared that each protocol will be reviewed by the country’s health authorities and international organizations, such as the World Health Organization.

He revealed that the good news is that all agents in the sector are preparing for the opening immediately after the pandemic is under control.

“We are preparing as all markets are, but we know that the opening will be gradual,” said the minister in his conversation with the specialized tourism press.

García was also very optimistic about the behavior that the local market will have when the operations of the tourist industry restart.

“The internal tourism is going to revitalize in the Dominican Republic,” said the minister, after assuring that the hotels are not going to supply the local market.