The tourist demand analyzed as never before with the Big Data


The companies have changed some habits in the gestation of their projects, thanks to the technology that was studied in years, now it is monitored in real time thanks to new tools of big data. it is worth noting that it is not the “great data” that are so decisive, but the availability of each management to apply the processes that ensure results.

Tourism is undoubtedly one of the most complex industries since all kinds of data including economic, political, environmental, cultural, etc. trends must be taken into account. Every detail counts until knowing the best possible to each main actor of the business.

The knowledge of all these data facilitates the decision making orienting the commercial strategy, the marketing actions and the policies of quality.

The customer is becoming more demanding and therefore satisfying their demands deserves to know his DNA as never before. Today thanks to Big Data you can improve existing products and services or generate new ones, detecting new needs and thereby providing the traveler with a more intelligent and personalized experience.

Knowing the customer better brings with him two clear benefits: a product or service more adapted to him and a more satisfied customer, and this has much to do with predictive analytics, which through the use of advanced statistical models add to our information base data which we did not know. This allows us to measure the optimal moment and way of launching a product or service according to the preferences and actions observed in the users, predicting their tastes and their propensity to buy. Knowing what is going to happen can help anticipate both customer and market behavior.

The Big Data analysis can help you make your business more efficient and less costly by making more informed and data-driven decisions. The immediacy of these makes it easier to know what is happening in each moment. We can act faster and more efficiently.

In the tourism business, the marketing department is one of the great beneficiaries of the data analysis since it allows them to keep track of the marketing actions and maintain or modify them depending on the results obtained. Thanks to Big Data they are able to segment the target audience of the campaigns, adjust prices or know the best time to launch a campaign among others.

However, when implementing new Big Data strategies, we need to be aware of the new challenges that can be posed. The application of Big Data should always be accompanied by an internal transformation to achieve optimum results. It is important to equip companies with the necessary technology, but all this technology would be of no use without the necessary people and know what we want from technologies to extract value from information.