The US tourism sector could lose up to 9.2 million jobs


The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) revealed that by the end of 2020 9.2 mllion jobs could be lost in the travel and tourism sector in the United States, if restrictions on travel and tourism are maintained. international travel.

The updated figure comes from the latest WTTC economic model, which analyzes the impact of COVID-19 and travel barriers in the sector. According to the latest data, 7.2 million jobs in the United States have been affected. If restrictions on international travel are not immediately eased, up to 9.2 million jobs would be lost, that is, more than half of all existing jobs in the sector in that nation.

The WTTC has identified the top four priorities that need to be addressed, including the adoption of a cost-effective global testing regime for tourist departures, and the reopening of key air corridors such as New York and London.

The challenge of restoring safe travel to the new normal is one of the greatest challenges facing that country, with an economy seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has severely affected the travel sector and the economy. tourism.

The WTTC Economic Impact Report revealed that in 2019 travel and tourism activity contributed 1.84 trillion dollars to the US economy and was responsible for more than one in 10 jobs in the country (10.7%).

Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, said: “The government of the United States has a real opportunity to lead the international coordination and save millions of jobs in that country and in the world.”

He proposed working closely with the United States government to recover international travel safely, through four points with top priorities:

The reopening of air corridors, especially those that cross the Atlantic, to re-establish business trips between the main economic centers.
The introduction of an airport testing regime, with globally recognized standards to prevent the export and import of the virus.
A commitment to ensure a safe and trouble-free trip, with better health and hygiene measures.
Ensure international coordination to adopt rules that allow international travel to restart and rebuild consumer confidence.

For his part, Roger Dow, President and CEO of the United States Travel Association, said: “The figures show that restarting global travel is an absolute necessity from an economic and employment point of view, and it can be done safely adopting health and safety guidance and technologies, which have been widely adopted throughout the travel industry ”.

“Moving away from quarantines and implementing the practices we know will work, including rapid, reliable and efficient testing, universal use of masks in public and the use of contactless technologies, will help restore trust and growth,” he added.

In 2019, the travel and tourism sector was responsible for almost 17 million jobs, which is more than one in 10 jobs in the United States, so it is vital that we recover as many as possible to fuel the economic recovery of the United States. country.

The WTTC has been at the forefront of private sector initiative in efforts to restore international travel and rebuild the trust of global consumers with major initiatives such as the “Safe Travels Stamp” for destinations around the world that have adopted protocols. global standardized health and hygiene.