They form an association of tourism companies in the South to promote development of nature offer


BARAHONA, RD, November 2020.- The tourism companies of the South created their association of hotels and tourism with the purpose of joining forces to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the region due to its high potential to diversify the Dominican offer with nature, community and tourism tourism. adventure whose demand is growing in international markets.

The South is the opportunity for Dominican tourism to diversify and take advantage of outdoor tourism, which is one of the 5 dominant trends identified by the World Travel and Tourism Council in the post-pandemic stage, highlighted businessman Polibio Schiffino Diaz, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the South (AHTS).

We can compete, he assured, with products of proven quality and attractiveness, improving land and area connectivity in the area, including internal flight routes that connect it with the country’s airports.

Schiffino spoke at the launch activity of the institution held at the Casa Bonita hotel in Barahona, with the presence of the president of the Barahona Tourism Cluster, Virgilio Pérez Bernal.

He explained that the AHTS was born with the objective of promoting the development of tourism in the South region, at the initiative of entrepreneurs from the Peravia, San José de Ocoa, Barahona, Bahoruco and Pedernales provinces.

Accompanying Schiffino on the board of the new association are Simón Suárez from Puntarena, Manuel Toral from Rancho Platón, Eduardo Jana from Eco del Mar, Daniel Perea from Perla del Sur, Carlos Castillo from Playa Azul and Maria Claudia Mallarino from Ocoa Bay.

“The South region is the most biodiverse area of the island, with the greatest amount of flora and fauna, which constitutes the opportunity to diversify the Dominican product towards nature and community tourism, niches of growing preference in international markets in in recent years, a trend that will be accentuated ”in the new post-COVID reality.

This offer, he pointed out, is also enriched by the offer of adventures, sports, nautical and agro-tourism, which the South offers as products of proven quality ”.

“One of the greatest challenges that we present for the development of the region is connectivity, and to overcome these limitations we have the support of the Government, so that the conclusion of the Baní and Azua beltways is prioritized; and to develop air connectivity by promoting internal flights that connect the main airports in the country ”, said Schiffino.

He explained that the AHTS will promote the circuit modality, which will allow tourists to know all the natural wealth of the area and its unique attractions such as the Biosphere Reserve declared by UNESCO, the dunes of Baní, the bays of Ocoa and Neiba, the Larimar mines, Lake Enriquillo, the Oviedo lagoon, Bahía de las Águilas and other places of interest.