Tourism in the Dominican Republic reaches a record growth figure during October


The Minister of Tourism David Collado indicated that last month they received 443,018 non-resident visitors.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, highlighted this Monday the record growth reached by the sector in October, with the “historic” arrival of 443,018 non-resident visitors.

It also reported that in the January-October period the country received 3,669,761 non-resident passengers.

“The recovery of our tourism is constant and solid. Today I announce that October recorded the highest growth of that month in history, ”said Minister Collado when presenting the figures for the month of October at a press conference at the Intercontinental hotel.

He affirmed that with the arrival of 443,018 non-resident visitors, a total recovery of the influx of tourists received before the Covid-19 pandemic (punctually October 2019) is evidenced.

“In fact, tourist arrivals during this month exceeded the records of October 2019 by 19% and those of October 2018 by 7%,” he said.

The arrival of non-residents was made up of 79% by non-resident foreigners and the rest (21%) by non-residents born in the Dominican Republic. Foreigners were mainly of North American (44%) and European (35%) nationalities.

Non-resident Dominicans arrived in October 2021 were equivalent to 120% of the registrations of October 2019, while non-resident foreigners arrived in October 2021 were 119% of the total influx of October 2019.

The arrival of non-residents through the airports of Punta Cana, Las Américas, El Cibao, La Romana and La Isabela (which accounted for 96% of arrivals for the month of analysis) in October 2021 also exceeds the records of October 2019.

The recovery in tourism seen by issuing country shows that most of our main emitters have exceeded the arrivals of October 2019. Cases such as Russia stand out, which, positioning itself in third place in the influx of tourists to the country during October 2021, reached an all-time high arrivals (49,521 tourists or 264% the 2019 level). On the other hand, it is found that Canada is once again positioned within the top 3 of emitters of Dominican tourists.

Characteristics of tourists – by air
29% of the tourists received in October 2021 were of United States nationality, 57% stayed in hotels, 48% entered through the Punta Cana airport and 57% were between 21 and 49 years old . The average stay of our tourists is 7 days.

Preliminary estimates from the Ministry of Tourism indicate that the total of incoming commercial flights to the Dominican Republic in October 2021 was 3,795 with an average occupancy of 75%.
During the tenth month of the year, approximately 115 airlines were received from 122 different airports located in 45 countries.

Maritime arrivals
After carrying out 18 cruise operations ─made by 15 ships, three of which touched two Dominican ports on the same trip─ in October 2021 a total of 34,396 unique cruise passengers entered Dominican waters (52% more than in September). These cruise passengers arrived through 6 cruise lines (3 more than in previous months) other than the ports of La Romana and Amber Cove, and they were 99.9% of foreign origin.

Jobs and economic activity
During the month of September 2021, formal Dominican employees amounted to 181,078 distributed in 7,970 companies. The sector’s labor market experienced variations of 86,457 in terms of employees compared to the record of September 2020, and 1,781 companies.
The growth in the number of jobs was registered mainly in lodging establishments (+41,468) and in establishments selling food and beverages (+37,391).

Hotel activity
In October 2021, 87% of hotel rooms remained in operation, and of these, 61% were occupied (69% during weekends). The guests were 19% of local origin.

2021 Estimates
During the month of October, 7 new tourism projects were approved with estimated investments of US $ 211 million concentrated in the provinces of La Altagracia and La Romana.
The nightly room reservation rate for the Dominican Republic for October 2021 reached its highest record compared to the figures for October 2018, October 2019 and October 2020.
The tickets confirmed to date to travel to the Dominican Republic during November and December 2021 They are 16% and 19%, respectively, higher than those confirmed on the same date, but to travel in November and December 2019.
The fact that the confirmed tickets to travel in November and December to the region are 4.7% below 2019. However, the Dominican Republic significantly exceeds this performance, with confirmed reservations 18% higher than those of 2019 (+ 9% compared to 2018).
By the end of 2021, arrivals of non-residents close to 4.9 million non-residents are expected, which would represent a 15% rebound in tourism compared to the last four months of 2019.