Travel audience chooses US Media as its exclusive ad sales partner in Latin America


The firm is part of Amadeus and provides 1st party data advertising solutions to destinations and brands by connecting them with millions of potential travelers

Amadeus is ranked 1 of the world’s top 10 software companies (Forbes 2019 global ranking). It generates l+1.9 billion boarded passengers and +645 million total processed bookings in 2019. In 2013, Amadeus acquired travel audience in order to increase its presence in the area of online target advertising for the travel industry.

travel audience provides 1st party data advertising solutions to destinations and brands by connecting them with millions of potential travelers.

“travel audience is the best-in-class advertising technology company that covers the customer journey in its integrity, from the inspirational moment that is key for a non-impulsive travel purchase, moving the consumer down the funnel to the awareness and conversion stages, with unique data insights that facilitate the traveler decision and the actual booking”, explains Bruno Almeida, CEO of US Media.

travel audience serves major advertising partners including leading destination marketing organizations, airlines, OTAs (online travel agencies), hospitality groups, and other vendors of travel products and services. Key leading performance-oriented advertisers from Latin America.

travel audience provides integrated data-driven solutions for travel advertising and utilizes its purpose-built tech to enable their advertising partners to achieve their campaign goals with more precision, success, and proven ROI. Powered by highly evolved AI technology and by performing real-time big data analysis, the company delivers impactful advertising campaigns.

Leveraging machine learning allows travel audience to identify when people search for trips, when they book and above all, when it’s most effective to show them offers of its partners. It optimizes advertising across the entire traveler journey, identifies and creates new audiences. Key partnerships with Premium Publishers and Data Partners, highly specialized in travel, ensure top quality and brand safety when running various types of advertising, from native, social to programmatic.

“The exceptional data and insights gained from it and used for better planning, forecasting and ROI calculation are a unique solution for the region. DMOs and Travel Executives always looked for answers to these questions: When is the optimum time to launch campaigns to influence the demand? What travel offers are available to my target visitors? Is my destination served as well as my competitor destinations by my airline partners? Where are travelers coming from? When are they going to visit our destination? How long are they willing to stay? Ultimately, the big question: What was the overall impact of my marketing efforts, is something that we can now answer with the data-driven tech solutions provided by travel audience and Amadeus”, emphasizes Almeida.