Trump Jr. attended Expo Real Estate and Pérez Orive spoke on investments


Convened more than 50 referents from the market where investors, real estate developers, developers, builders, buyers, and the main companies in the sectors related to real estate business could be seen. the region. All the spaces and activities were aimed at encouraging real estate investments, boosting business, networking and gathering the entire market in one place for the only time in the year.

Eduardo Pérez Orive

Undoubtedly the presence of Eric Trump was one of the highlights of the first day of the exhibition who traveled especially to attend the event and also to renew their commitment to investments in Latin America. The son of the current president of the United States is responsible for the construction of the first Trump Tower in South America, on stops 9 and 1/2 of La Brava, in the Uruguayan city. He traveled especially from the northern country to cut the ribbon at the Expo Real Estate.

The event featured interesting workshops among which the dissertations of Mr. Eduardo Pérez Orive, President of the business group that bears his name, and Dr. Lily Motisi , Hostling Managing Partner -Hospitality, Learning & Consulting- stood out.

Mr. Pérez-Orive, an Argentine professional based in Miami for 30 years, Gold Sponsor of this event, spoke on ” Miami and Detroit : Real Estate Investments in the USA “. From his strategic vision of real estate investments he stressed the importance of analyzing economic cycles when deciding to enter or exit real estate investments. He based the brilliant business opportunity offered by the city of Detroit , which is in full resurgence after having gone bankrupt in 2013, having left it in 2014 with a large injection of funds from the federal government, the state from Michiganand private funds, with which it was quickly possible to start the recovery of its economy based not only on the automotive field but also in the technological world, to rebuild the city’s downtown and its real estate market in general, which already at the end of 2017 began to increase the price of properties.

This situation makes investors who acquire property to renovate, rent and sell, through the advice and comprehensive management offered by Eduardo Pérez Orive Group through its company InvestDTW, achieve optimal profitability and an unbeatable capitalization. All this comes at a time when the situation of the Miami market is with maximum real estate values and a large stock of properties, which means that investments in Miami are not as profitable or capitalizing as those offered by Detroit. , considered today as the mecca of real estate investments in the USA.

For its part, Lily Motisi , Partner of Hostling, a company associated with Eduardo Pérez Orive Group, developer for Argentina and Uruguayof the Best Western Hotels & Resorts brands, spoke on “Keys to the success of hotel investments”, explaining the variables to have in account when developing hotel projects emphasizing the importance of making brand, operation and funding decisions, topics for which Hostling offers proven professional solutions through more than thirty projects developed in different countries.

It is worth mentioning that Eduardo Pérez Orive and Lily Motisi will be present during the year in Expo Real Estate events in the main cities of Latin America, such as: Buenos Aires , Montevideo , Santiago de Chile , Lima , Bogotá and Mexico City.

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