Universal Studios presented news at Markethub 2019


Universal Studios was present at Markethub 2019 to enhance its relationship with the guests at the Hotelbeds event. Yesterday we were able to talk with Gabriela Cavalheiro, Director of Business Development who told us: “The great news is the new Hagrid’s Magical Creatures, a roller coaster of Harry Potter that adds to the incredible attractions that we have already been offering. It opens on June 13. It is one of the characters that has the most fans in the world.The “immersive” adventure puts visitors on Hagrid’s motorcycle as they travel through the Forbidden Forest and come face to face with various magical creatures. from the world of Harry Potter, books and movies”.

“Another important novelty is that we have closed an agreement with Nintendo and new attractions are coming together and we continue investing to surprise our visitors”.

“On June 27 we opened a Surfside Inn and Suites hotel with 750 rooms and next year it opens a second with another 750 rooms.They are economic properties designed to supply consumers who usually can not stay in the park”.

“We target toto Latin America but above all to Brazil, which although it had a bad 2018, this year has been growing”.

“The distribution channel is the heart of our business, we need to sell everything through agencies because it is difficult to sell our packages, they must know deeply what we do in order to resell it, we have just relaunched an online training platform where they can obtain certifications and know the minute-by-minute news of what is happening at Universal, it is available to any travel agency that already sells the Orlando parks, and in that way we offer important benefits for them”.