US agency airline ticket sales increased 175% year-over-year in September


Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) released data showing that ARC-accredited travel agency air ticket sales increased 175% year-over-year in September 2021. The consolidated dollar value of agency tickets sold in September totaled $ 3.2 billion, up from $ 1.2 billion in September 2020 and slightly higher compared to the August 2021 total. *

“Historically, we expect sales and total travel to decline month-over-month in September.”

Month-over-month, September 2021 international travel and total travel increased 3% and 1%, respectively. Domestic travel in the US increased less than 1%.

“Historically, we expect total travel and sales to decline month-over-month in September,” said Steve Solomon, vice president of global sales, marketing operations and customer experience at ARC. “This year, month-to-month sales began to decline between July and August due to travel restrictions caused by the delta variant. We are encouraged to see the decline stabilize and ticket sales and number of trips improve with news of international travel to the US becoming easier for vaccinated travelers starting in November. ”

Total passenger travel settled by ARC in September 2021 increased 103% year-over-year from 7.6 million to 15.4 million. Domestic passenger travel in the US increased 98% to 11 million year-over-year. International passenger travel increased 115% to 4.4 million during the same period. The average round-trip ticket price in the US increased to $ 390 in September 2021, up from $ 343 in September 2020.