US travel agencies achieve a large increase in the sale of air tickets


According to an ARC report, the segment has had a year-on-year growth of 328%.

Airlines Reporting Corp. (ARC) today released data showing that ARC-accredited travel agencies experienced a 328% year-on-year increase in airline ticket sales during August 2021. The consolidated dollar value of tickets sold by agencies in August totaled $ 3.2 billion, up from $ 715 million in August 2020 and down from $ 4 billion in July 2021.

Month by month, the results for August 2021 showed:

Total passenger trips fell 10%.
Domestic travel in the US decreased 10%.
International travel decreased 10% for the second month in a row.
“Airlines and travel agencies anticipated a drop in overall sales and passenger travel in August as new border mandates and restrictions began to take effect in July,” said Steve Solomon, vice president of global sales, operations. Marketing and Customer Experience at ARC. “Our data show that the decline begins to stabilize towards the end of August. In the coming months, there will be some uncertainty and volatility as schools reopen, companies delay return-to-office dates, and countries introduce new travel restrictions. ”

Total passenger travel settled by ARC in August 2021 increased 151% year-over-year, from 6 million to 15.2 million. Domestic and international passenger travel in the US increased 145% and 168% year-on-year, respectively. Overall, domestic passenger travel in the United States totaled 10.9 million and international travel totaled 4.3 million. The average round-trip ticket price in the US increased to $ 398 in August 2021, up from $ 321 in August 2020.

Year-over-year, EMD sales in August 2021 increased 249% to $ 6,364,223, while EMD transactions increased 265% to 129,684.

More detailed information is available on the ARC sales statistics page. An additional breakdown of corporate, leisure and online ticket sales can be found on the ARC COVID-19 data page.