Women drive the wellness industry and its million-dollar turnover


Within the wellness industry, the spa sector has positioned itself as one of the most valuable, since, according to the study Global Wellness Economy Monitor 2018, from 2015 to 2017 its global value was $ 119 billion dollars; while in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean it reached $ 6.6 trillion dollars and continues to grow.

“80% of the workforce in the spa and wellness industry are women, however, at least half of the leadership positions are occupied by men, which speaks to a disproportion in the representation of gender in our sector “Says Sara Jones, who chairs the Women in Leadership Initiative for the Global Wellness Institute.

Despite the above, the spa industry is a clear example of a sector that has several cases of entrepreneurship, startups and successful addresses by women.

An example is Sara Jones, who is also the director and editor of the specialized magazine Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe, she is one of the leaders that has dedicated herself to making this industry grow by providing a wealth of relevant knowledge for all health areas , fitness, nutrition, business, wellness and spa. In addition, he is Key Supporter of the Global Wellness Day, World Welfare Day.

“It is a pride to be part of this industry that has allowed me to encourage other women to support their development as professionals and entrepreneurs,” says Sara Jones. “My goal in leading the Women in Leadership initiative is to provide a stage for women where they have the support and motivation to become leaders in the wellness and spa industry.”

The spa and wellness industry has employed almost 2.6 million people during 2017 worldwide. According to the GWI, it is estimated that by 2022, 3.1 million people will be employed; while in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean 233,552 people will be employed, adding more and more to the local and international economy.

On the other hand, Mexico ranks 13th worldwide in the spa industry, while in Latin America and the Caribbean it is the number one power followed by Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica and Colombia. Similarly, Mexico stands out as the eleventh global economy in welfare tourism. Regionally, wellness tourism, during 2017 was a market of 34.8 billion dollars, by 2022 it is projected to reach up to 54.7 billion dollars with an annual compound growth of 9.5%.

The role of women has been essential in the constant progress of one of the most solid markets. As part of the Global Wellness Institute initiative for Women in Leadership, Sara has been an advocate for empowering future leaders and giving them a place to advocate and discuss gender diversity in the wellness industry.

“The industry is built by the hand of both men and women. Collective work motivates economic and social growth, not only in companies but throughout the region, “says Sara Jones.