The World Alliance of Travel Agent Associations (WTAAA) begins in Miami today


Today and tomorrow the meeting of the World Alliance of Travel Agent Associations (WTAAA) will be held in Miami. It is a space in which Associations of Travel Agencies of the world gather to exchange ideas and information from the industry.

The meeting will be attended by Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of ANATO; and Guillermo Correa, president of ACHET, as representatives of the Latin American Tourism Forum, FOLATUR, which a little more than a year ago was incorporated as a new member of the (WTAAA), a fact that will strengthen the action of tour operators and agents of the region on an international level.

“We will have the opportunity to present our strategies to continue working for a more competitive sector in the face of great players belonging to the Travel Agency of the world. Some of the issues that will be addressed are related to the air transport industry, especially linked to the programs developed by IATA, “said the trade union leader.

For the Association of Agencies it is very important that Colombia is represented in this event, where connection is established with Latin America, Europe and the world with the objective of putting on the table aspects that affect travel including issues related to the private sector and transportation aerial. “These meetings undoubtedly open the way to work in a more united way and thus achieve more achievements in favor of our industry,” concluded Paula Cortés Calle.