WTM Latin America publishes responsible tourism conference programming


One of the highlights of the previous editions of WTM Latin America, Responsible Tourism will be presented by speakers also in this year’s edition, which will take place on August 10, 11 and 12, starting at 8:00 a.m., fully virtual. Registrations can be made at this link. During the debates, the actions carried out to further enhance this segment of tourism will be addressed.

For Gustavo Pinto, Responsible Tourism Advisor for WTM Latin America, this category is important to highlight other aspects that previously did not receive as much attention. “Our objective is to encourage professionals who have innovative ideas to expand social impact, who are attentive to environmental and economic causes and promote the assumption of responsibility in tourism – a sector that will be central to sustainable development in the post-pandemic world,” he explains .

The first discussion will answer the question “Is community tourism ready to do business in Latin America?” and it will have four important names who are leading the development of community tourism in Latin America. Karen Bellato Pérez, co-founder and COO of Komú (Mexico), Laura Romero, co-founder and impact leader of Awake Travel (Colombia), Angelina Martinez, communications manager of Rede Global de Ecoturismo, and Felipe Zalamea, founder of Sumak Travel (Costa Rica; United Kingdom), are the guests of the panel that will discuss the use of technology, and how it is changing processes in communities, in addition to addressing trends in the world of travel and the search for more authentic experiences with nature and immersion in local culture, among other topics.

Another relevant topic that will be addressed at WTM Latin America Virtual is “Afro-tourism: An expanding market”. In alliance with Muda! Colectivo Brasileiro para el Turismo Responsable, Solange Barbosa, CEO and founder of Rota da Liberdade, Thaís Rosa Pinheiro, CEO of Conectando Territórios, and Carlos Humberto da Silva Filho, CEO and founder of Diáspora Black, will bring in their panel the Racial Agenda, which entered the pattern in the Experience Tourism Market covering segments that involve culture, ancestry and new narratives for the Afro universe, in addition to detailing the expansion of Afro Tourism in Brazil and the world. Those registered for the event will be able to accompany the talk on August 12, Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.

Thaís Del Ben, marketing manager of WTM Latin America comments that “Responsible Tourism has always been present in the editions of WTM Latin America, but I feel that this moment that we are living will make us open our eyes even more to issues as important as communities, the environment and the changes that have occurred and what the future of the planet will be in the coming years”.