WTTC launches report on the future of travel and tourism


The World Travel and Tourism Council presented a new report that reveals the trends for the recovery of tourism activity, once the critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic is overcome.

The report emphasizes the importance of adopting a coordinated global approach to recovery, improving the travel experience, adopting new technologies and the application of global hygiene protocols, to rebuild the confidence of travelers.

In particular, it highlights the need for the public and private sectors to work together to recover millions of affected jobs, and highlights four trends that lead the way towards the recovery of this activity: evolution of demand, health and hygiene, innovation and digitization , and finally, sustainability.

According to the report, 70 percent of travelers in North America are willing to make reservations during COVID-19, if the cancellation policy were free; 92 percent trust personal recommendations regarding health and hygiene; while 69 percent of travelers cite cleanliness as an essential component of a travel brand.

Digitization has been critical during the pandemic. There is a rapid shift towards digitization and people are becoming more comfortable with a contactless travel experience.

The report reveals that 45 percent of travelers say they are ready to move from paper passports to a digital identity. Additionally, 73 percent of consumers say they prefer brands that emphasize sustainability issues.

Gloria Guevara Manzo, President and CEO of the WTTC, considered that “although there is still work to be done, this gives us an idea of ​​how we can better address the recovery and offers hope to the sector. It is essential that we continue to learn from previous crises and come together in a coordinated way to make a real difference in reducing the economic and human impact ”.

“The economic impact caused to millions of households in the world, which depend on travel and tourism, is evident. Working in a coordinated manner we can defeat COVID-19 and return to safe travel with world-class hygiene standards, ”he said.

The report offers recommendations on how the travel and tourism sector can ensure a faster recovery:

  • Border opening: Eliminate travel restrictions, as well as standardized contact tests and tracking requirements on departure.
  • Define common health and safety standards: The public and private sectors must agree on the implementation of health and safety standards.
  • Worker support schemes: Provide protection to payroll and salary subsidies, as well as consumer stimulus and tax deferral.
  • Encourage travel: So that the consumer decides to travel, starting locally, followed by national, regional and international.
  • Investment in digital infrastructure: Especially in rural destinations.
  • Rethinking the workplace: The public and private sectors will be required to come together to optimize new work arrangements.
  • Encourage sustainability practices: Provide incentives to encourage the implementation of sustainability measures within the private sector.

Finally, Matthieu De Clercq, partner at Oliver Wyman, said: “Creating inclusive opportunities for women, youth and minorities makes economic sense and is what the tourists of the future want, especially after COVID-19.