Yucatan is distinguished for its good environmental practices and universal accessibility


The Yucatecan coast with nearly 400 kilometers of beaches has managed to maintain its position on the coveted list of Platinum Beaches, a distinction awarded by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification (IMNC), which, for the second consecutive year, has placed seven beaches of the entity as part of the most beautiful in the country.

Platino Beaches is a certification granted by the IMNC that seeks to recognize the beaches of Mexico for their scenic beauty, environmental excellence, the safety of the region, its adequate facilities, correct signage and information; as well as for its universal accessibility.

The certification of seven of the Yucatan beaches has been possible thanks to the fact that the auditors responsible for the project positively evaluated their environmental and social quality standards, which has had a positive influence on attracting tourism, boosting economic activity and the generation of jobs in the region, with Río Lagartos, Celestún, Telchac, Sisal, Cancunito, San Felipe and El Cuyo being the beaches that remain on this select list, which positions the state as the second entity with the most beautiful beaches in the country, only below the neighboring state of Quintana Roo.

Let us point out that, of these seven beaches, four are part of the Biosphere Reserve and two more are part of State Reserves. It should be noted that, throughout a year of joint work between the residents, the private sector and the State Government, the beaches have managed to reduce their pollution percentages by up to 94% in Celestún, in Telchac it was reduced by 88%, in Sisal 74%, in Cancunito 93%, in San Felipe 87% and in El Cuyo 71%.

As part of the evaluation carried out by the IMNC, it is verified that said beaches are free of solid or dangerous residues, oils or petroleum derivatives, or feces; as well as that the beaches have adequate signage to keep them clean, informing at all times about the appropriate care for the protection of the coastal ecosystem and security measures for visitors, urban solid waste bin stations on the beach and away from the sea , among other requirements.

In order to maintain the quality standard required by the certification, each beach has a working group that is mostly made up of women with whom specific actions are organized such as monthly cleaning, including mangroves, sterilization programs for domestic fauna and tourism training.

With all of the above, you cannot miss the opportunity to get to know one or all of these beautiful beaches. In your next vacation, include a stop on the Yucatecan coast, visit www.yucatan.travel and rely on your trip planner to consult more information about the beaches and the destination, spice up your trip and enjoy the 365 flavors of Yucatan.